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Volunteer Management Health Check

Complete the Health Check quiz and find out if you are volunteer ready!

What is the Health Check?

This quiz is a tool for volunteer-involving organisations, to help you assess your volunteer management at the moment, and check if there is anything additional you can put in place.

It is completely free, and you can complete the quiz as many time as you like.
It is not a test - it is just a guide, designed to help you identify where you are achieving Best Practice, and where you could develop further. Support for every section of the Health Check is available on our Resource Bank. 
To take the quiz, click here.

How has it been developed?

This Health Check is based on the London Volunteer Management Charter, developed by Greater London Volunteering Network.The interactive quiz is designed to give you personalised feedback, based on your responses.


To get the most accurate results, tick every response that applies for every question. The quiz will then give you personalised feedback on your Volunteer Management processes.

More support

We have resources for every step of Volunteer Management available on our Resource Bank. You can also attend one of our Organisation Support Surgeries.