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Recruiting Volunteers

This page outlines the basic steps to recruiting volunteers. Before recruiting volunteers, make sure your organisation is volunteer-ready by completing the Volunteer Management Health Check.

Introduction to Recruiting Volunteers (PDF)

Our PDF guide takes you through the process of recruiting volunteers step-by-step:

  • Getting Ready to Recruit
  • Recruitment Process
  • Recruitment Campaign 

Where to recruit volunteers?

  • On our Volunteer Connect website (to recruit volunteers from the local area)
  • Social media, online blogs and articles in the local press
  • Posters and leaflets
  • To your existing volunteers, supporters and stakeholders
  • Outreach events and volunteering fairs
  • Websites such as or charityjob.


Simple Role Description Template (MS Word)
Role Description Template for Volunteer Connect (MS Word)‚Äč
Volunteer Recruitment Timetable Template (MS Word)

Further Reading

Inspiring Volunteers: a guide to recruitment and communications, The Media Trust (PDF)

A guide to avoiding job substitution, NCVO (PDF)

Step-by-step guide to recruiting volunteers, Knowhow Nonprofit (MS Word)

Do I need a DBS? Government Guidance (web link)


Top Tips

We meet with many local organisations who have great ideas about recruitment. Here are few we have heard that we thought were food for thought:

  • Join up with another organisation, pool resources and promote roles together. This could help you get more coverage in the press.
  • Harness your existing volunteers – they can give you vital information, and help you reach a wider audience. Ask them: why are they there? What makes them love their role? What would they change? And would the be willing to contact more people to get involved?
  • How about one-off taster session for people interested in volunteering but worried about commitment