About Volunteering Brent​

​From 1 June 2015, Groundwork London is providing volunteering services for the London Borough of Brent.

Volunteering Brent, supports all aspects of volunteering in the borough:

  • Helping individuals to register and become volunteers
  • Assisting charities, organisations and private sector to successfully involve volunteers
  • Providing specialist support for those individuals and groups who have extra needs
  • Brokering good volunteering placements

Accessing the services

Groundwork have launched and will be developing the volunteering website specifically so that it is an information point for the service and provide Brent with some great online facilities.

Register today

You will then be able to search for opportunities. Search using your postcode and to further refine your search please try our Advanced Search.

Telephone: 0300 365 9920, 10am – 4pm, Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays)

Email: enquiry@volunteeringbrent.org.uk

These are the services Volunteering Brent are providing

Support for volunteers and volunteering involved organisations.

Assistance for those interested in volunteering, including an offer of specialist support, one-to-one appointments for individuals and groups with extra needs.

A programme of open sessions and events

Open events across the Borough in central community areas such as libraries and community centres where you can meet the team and find out more about volunteering. These sessions will be promoted across the Borough and on the website.

Brokerage of volunteer opportunities

A brokerage service for volunteer involving organisations including charities, voluntary organisations, companies and the public sector to build capacity to involve volunteers, offer good volunteer placements and get involved in volunteering.