Why I love volunteering with Victim Support - Hussein Mahmood

Hussein volunteers with Victim Support.
Victim Support provides practical help and emotional support to all victims of crime, whether or not they have reported the incident to the police. Anyone seeking support, no matter where or when the incident took place, can contact Victim Support through the free 24/7 Supportline: 0808 16 89 111.
Here he is, in his own words, talking about how much he has enjoyed volunteering.


“Over the last few months I have had an incredible journey. 

For me as a volunteer this means having face-to-face meetings with clients where I listen to what they’re going through as well as providing the support they need to help re-build their confidence. I also help clients with practical things, such as providing security items for victims who have been robbed, which can help them to start to feel empowered again. Where victims need help with issues we can’t support on, we help to refer them to the agency that can.


The journey you go on with each client is unique but the feeling of euphoria is the same when the work goes well. One particular client I worked with had been experiencing anti-social behaviour that has threatened their safety for years. Just by us making a simple referral they have now moved out of this dangerous situation. Seeing the difference this has made to them has helped me as a volunteer to understand how important our work is. 


Above and beyond being able to help people, volunteering has given me great exposure to the charity sector and helped me develop many skills that I hope to be able to apply to different roles in the future.”


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