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Volunteer Support

This page outlines the Best Practice for volunteer support. Before recruiting volunteers, make sure your organisation is volunteer-ready by completing the Volunteer Management Health Check.

Best practice, as outlined in the GLV's London Volunteer Management Charter, is below. 

Basic Practice Good Practice Best Practice
Named supervisor Scheduled 1:1 meetings Complex support needs met


Templates and examples

Template Timesheet, WVSDA, 2010 (MS Word)
Template Volunteer Time and Expenses Log(Excel)
Template 1:1 Meeting Form(MS Word)
Template Support and Supervision TemplateWVSDA (MS Word)
Voluntary Charter and Reference Request Letter (MS Word)


Example Diversity and Inclusion Policy VolunteersThe Prince's Trust, 2012 (PDF)
Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults - Resource Pack and Sample FormsVolunteer Now (MS Word)
Healthy Volunteering PlanGroundwork London (MS Word)
Pictologue Non-Verbal Inclusive Application (PDF)

Other guidance

Guidance on Involving Disabled Volunteers, Disability Rights Commission (MS Word)
How to Involve People with Learning Disabilities, Mencap (PDF)
Recruiting, Retaining and Developing Disabled Volunteers (PDF)
Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults, Volunteer Now, 2013 (PDF)

Guide to Wellness Action Plans, Mind (PDF)
Guidance on supporting volunteers with mental health.

Volunteer Inclusion Programme
Renaissance London (PDF)

Top Tips

We meet with many local organisations who have great ideas about volunteer management. Here are few we have heard that we thought were food for thought: